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Saturday, January 10, 2015

RSS - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Untold and never covered facts about RSS in Media and people who label RSS as fringe elements and Saffron terrorists.

The world's largest voluntary non-governmental organization.

Here's the List of some of the work RSS has carried out since its inception. The work is more than enough to suggest what part RSS is playing in Nation building and serving the Nation.

Direct Action day called by Muslim Leage, Hindus were killed massively in Punjab and Bengal in Riot. Sangh organized 3000 relief camps.

Vastuhara Sahayata Samiti was started to help Hindu refugees from Pakistan.

Relief work during Earth quake and floods in Assam

Cow Protection Movement was launched. Swayamsevaks collected 1,75,39,813 signatures covering every part of the country from 85,000 cities and villages. All these signatures were presented to The President of Bharat, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Swayamsevaks liberated the Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portugese control on August 2 and handed over the region to Central Government.

Swayamsevaks took leading part in the all-party struggle for the liberation of Goa from the control of Portugese. Bharatiya Mazdoor sangh was founded.

Chinese openly invaded Indian territory. Swayamsevaks supported governmental measures in general and to the jawans (Indian Soldiers) in particular.

RSS was invited to participate in the Republic Day Parade on January 26 1963 in Delhi. 3000 swayamsevaks with full uniform and band participated in this parade within a short notice.

Pakistan attacked India. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Prime Minister, invited shri Guruji to attend the All-Leaders Conference in New Delhi. RSS extended support to government.

Drought in Bihar, RSS involved in Relief Operations.

War with Pakistan broke out for the third time. Swayamsevaks took active part in helpling the armed forces.

Emergency was imposed in the country by Smt.Indira Gandhi on June 25.
Sangh was banned for the second time on July 4. Akhil Bharatiya Lok Sangharshana Samiti was launched to fight against Emergency. Balasaheb was arrested. Many sangh leaders worked underground.

Cyclone hit coastal areas of AP in December resuting massive human loss. Swayamsevaks worked in relief operations under adverse conditions. 2,40,000 clothes and 32000 utensils were distributed.

In August month, Machhu dam near Morvi, Gujarath, burst causing floods. Swayamsevaks helped 12,000 families in distress.

Islamic mass conversion of about 800 Hindus in February in Meenakshipuram in Tamilnadu. Sangh along with other Hindu organisations protested these conversions in Meenakshipuram and other parts of Tamilnadu, and held an awareness campaign against religious conversions.

Massive human and property loss to Sikhs in Delhi in the wake of the assassination of Smt.Indira Gandhi in October. Hundreds of Sikh families were given protection in Swayamsevaks' homes; relief camps were set up for the needy and necessary service rendered at their homes in Delhi and other parts of the country.

Severe Cyclone hit the Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh in November causing 900 deaths and massive property loss. Sangh participated actively in the relief operations under the banner of Jana Sankshema Samiti.

Plane crash in Chakri Dadri, Haryana leaving 350 dead. Sangh's remarkable role in the relief operations were praised by the international press particularly the Gulf press.

The most devastating cyclone of the century hit the Coast of Orissa on October 28 causing a human loss of 10,000 and Rs.1800 crore property loss. Sangh played the lead role under the banner of Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti in relief and rehabilitation activities.

26 January 2001 Earthquake in Gujrat, 35000 Syanmsevak asisted the rehablitation and rescue work.

Tsunami in coastal areas, rescue work carried out by RSS.

Floods due to heavy Rain in Gujrat. 4000 people helped and rehabilitation of over 2000 families.

Uttarakhand floods and Landslide, rescue and relief work.

Jammu & Kashmir Floods, RSS assisted in Rescue and Post flood relief work.

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