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Thursday, December 4, 2014

चिन्मया सकल हृदया - 'Chinmaya Sakal Hrudaya' from Balgandharva

चिन्मया सकल हृदया, सदया दे या गोविंदा
वर वरदा, कलिमलविलया ॥

विषय पिपासापीडितसा, नि:सारा, संसारा
मृगनीरासम भुललों मी परि फसलों
विस्मरलों तव भजनीं लागाया ॥

कामधनाशा ही विवशा, मन्नाशा…
सरसावे, तत्पाशीं सांपडलों, यें धांवोनी
यांतुनी सोडवुनी मज घ्याया ॥

सौख्य सदा नव ज्या ठायीं, तापाचा,
पापाचा लेश नसे, शांति वसे, ने येवोनी
त्या स्थानी, सुखभुवनीं दासा या ॥

Very well Explained by:

It is addressing God, who is Chinmay or having supreme consciousness(चिन्मया ), and is filled in the heart(सकल हृदया), who is called Govind, and asking him for his mercy (सदया दे). 

I am the one who was obsessed by the worldly attractions (विषय पिपासा ), and I was troubled in this world (पिडीत),
I got fooled into believing these illusions (मृगनीर = मृगजळ),
And forgot to pray to you, to pay homage to you (विस्मरलों तव भजनीं लागाया)

You the destroyer of sins (कामधनाशा), please come and destroy this ugly state of my mind,
Please come fast and save me from this (तत्पाशीं सांपडलों, यें धांवोनी
यांतुनी सोडवुनी मज घ्याया).

Come and take me to a place where there are new happinesses always (सौख्य सदा नव), and where there is not even a trace of trouble, sin (पापाचा लेश नसे)
Where peace lives (शांति वसे)
O God, please come and take this servant of yours(दासा या) to such a place, such a home of happiness (सुखभुवनीं).

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