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Saturday, November 15, 2014



Another great Marathi Movie and another masterpiece just after the success of the movie Dr Prakash Baba Amte. 
Shot in the backdrop of Pandharpur makes it even worth watching. Amazing Direction, Cinematography and Screenplay. Hats off to the director Paresh Mokashi for where the film was shot in the most busy times in Pandharpur that is during the yearly Wari of Sant Tukaram and Dyaneshwar.
The USP of the movie is it's simplicity and without a doubt the performance of three main characters played by the kids viz Dyanesh (Shrirang Mahajan), Mukta (Sayali Bhandarkavathekar) and Pushkar Lonarkar. After watching the movie I am still skeptical about how good the kids are in the movie and how do they make acting look so natural.
Watching the movie gives the feel of being in Pandharpur. Each and every location so real and pleasing to  the eyes. Most amazing place in the movie is the place where the main characters live, credits to the research team to find and choose a place like that. Everything in the film so real and fascinating.

Cons - The length of the movie is too short (1 hr 30 mins). By the time the movie engages you the movie is over. And you feel wish it continued.

Anothe Must Watch movie, released on Childrens Day but a movie for every one.


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