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Thursday, December 4, 2014

चिन्मया सकल हृदया - 'Chinmaya Sakal Hrudaya' from Balgandharva

चिन्मया सकल हृदया, सदया दे या गोविंदा
वर वरदा, कलिमलविलया ॥

विषय पिपासापीडितसा, नि:सारा, संसारा
मृगनीरासम भुललों मी परि फसलों
विस्मरलों तव भजनीं लागाया ॥

कामधनाशा ही विवशा, मन्नाशा…
सरसावे, तत्पाशीं सांपडलों, यें धांवोनी
यांतुनी सोडवुनी मज घ्याया ॥

सौख्य सदा नव ज्या ठायीं, तापाचा,
पापाचा लेश नसे, शांति वसे, ने येवोनी
त्या स्थानी, सुखभुवनीं दासा या ॥

Very well Explained by:

It is addressing God, who is Chinmay or having supreme consciousness(चिन्मया ), and is filled in the heart(सकल हृदया), who is called Govind, and asking him for his mercy (सदया दे). 

I am the one who was obsessed by the worldly attractions (विषय पिपासा ), and I was troubled in this world (पिडीत),
I got fooled into believing these illusions (मृगनीर = मृगजळ),
And forgot to pray to you, to pay homage to you (विस्मरलों तव भजनीं लागाया)

You the destroyer of sins (कामधनाशा), please come and destroy this ugly state of my mind,
Please come fast and save me from this (तत्पाशीं सांपडलों, यें धांवोनी
यांतुनी सोडवुनी मज घ्याया).

Come and take me to a place where there are new happinesses always (सौख्य सदा नव), and where there is not even a trace of trouble, sin (पापाचा लेश नसे)
Where peace lives (शांति वसे)
O God, please come and take this servant of yours(दासा या) to such a place, such a home of happiness (सुखभुवनीं).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A Death Paradox

For when I die you’ll drop your tears dry
For when I die you’ll lose your precious smile
For when I die you’ll come back a mile
For when I die, I don’t want to make you sad
For when I die I don’t want to be so bad.

For when I die you’ll shower flowers on me
For when I die you’ll put garlands around me
For when I die you’ll touch my feet and pray.
For when I die you’ll offer me rest and peace.  
For when I die, am I a saint or a priest.

For when I die you’ll burn me to ashes
For when I die you’ll cover me with soil.
For when I die you’ll let me exposed.
For when I die you will carry a sin on your head
For when I die you will be killing the dead.

Saturday, November 15, 2014



Another great Marathi Movie and another masterpiece just after the success of the movie Dr Prakash Baba Amte. 
Shot in the backdrop of Pandharpur makes it even worth watching. Amazing Direction, Cinematography and Screenplay. Hats off to the director Paresh Mokashi for where the film was shot in the most busy times in Pandharpur that is during the yearly Wari of Sant Tukaram and Dyaneshwar.
The USP of the movie is it's simplicity and without a doubt the performance of three main characters played by the kids viz Dyanesh (Shrirang Mahajan), Mukta (Sayali Bhandarkavathekar) and Pushkar Lonarkar. After watching the movie I am still skeptical about how good the kids are in the movie and how do they make acting look so natural.
Watching the movie gives the feel of being in Pandharpur. Each and every location so real and pleasing to  the eyes. Most amazing place in the movie is the place where the main characters live, credits to the research team to find and choose a place like that. Everything in the film so real and fascinating.

Cons - The length of the movie is too short (1 hr 30 mins). By the time the movie engages you the movie is over. And you feel wish it continued.

Anothe Must Watch movie, released on Childrens Day but a movie for every one.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

मैया मोरी मैं नहिं माखन खायो - maiya mori mai nahi makhan khayo


One of the greatest song on relationship between a mother and son sung soulfully by Anup Jalota.

Yashoda maiya and Krishna

Mai nahee makhan khayo, maiyya mori, mori, mori, mori
 Mai nahee makhan khayo
 Re maiyya mori mai nahee makhan khayo
 Maiyya mori, bhor bhayo gaiyya ke pachhe
 Tune madhuban mohi pathayo, char prahar bansi bat bhatyo
 Sanjh pade mai ghar aayo
 O (ree maiyya mori, mai kab makhan khayo -3)
 Maiyya mori, mai balak bahiya ko chhoto, yeh chhipa kis vidhi payo
 Maiyya yeh gwal bal sab bair pade hain, barbas mukh laptayo
 Re maiyya mori, mai nahee makhan khayo - (2)
 Han ree o mori maiya, ari ho meree maiya,
 Ari pyaree meree maiya, ari bholi meree maiya,
 O sundar sundar meree maiya, o pyaree pyaree meree maiya
 Ari ho meree maiya, o kaisee nyari meree maiya
 Maiya too jananee, maiya mori too jananee
 Mann kee aati bholi, too jananee, mann kee aati bholi
 Inake kahe patiayo, ree maiya mori inake kahe patiayo
 Maiya yeh le apni laputi kambaliya, tune bahut hee nach nachayo
 Ni maiya mori mai nahee makhan khayo
 Maiya mori, maiya jiya tere kuchh bhed upaj hai
 Tune mohe janyo parayo jayo
 Surdas tab hansi yashoda, le udd kanth lagayo, nain neer bhari aayo
 Kanhaiya kanhaiya tai nahee makhan khayo
 Kanhaiya more tai nahee makhan khayo
 O lalla more tai nahee makhan khayo
 Kanhaiya more tai nahee makhan khayo
 Kanhaiya tai nahee makhan khayo, ari maiya mai nahee makhan khayo
 Sun maiya mori, o (sun maiya mori maine hee makhan khayo - (2))
 Re makhan khayo -9, ree maiya mori maine hee makhan khayo
 Sun maiya mori (maine hee makhan -3) khayo

मैया मोरी मैं नहिं माखन खायो |

भोर भयो गैयन के पाछे, मधुवन मोहिं पठायो ।
चार पहर बंसीबट भटक्यो, साँझ परे घर आयो ॥

मैं बालक बहिंयन को छोटो, छींको किहि बिधि पायो ।
ग्वाल बाल सब बैर परे हैं, बरबस मुख लपटायो ॥

तू जननी मन की अति भोरी, इनके कहे पतिआयो ।
यह लै अपनी लकुटि कमरिया, बहुतहिं नाच नचायो ।

जिय तेरे कछु भेद उपजि है, जानि परायो जायो ॥
'सूरदास' तब बिहँसि जसोदा, लै उर कंठ लगायो ॥

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