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Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is an Incident happened on the day when there was tension all around as Mumbai faced a serial bomb attack at Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazar on 13th of July 2011.
13th July 2011 was a normal day, I left the office at about 7.00 pm and was on the way home standing at Vikhroli Station waiting for the local train to arrive. While I was waiting I recieved a call from my brother asking where are you? I replied I am at Vikhroli station on the way home. He said, be careful and reach home safely there has been a bomb blast near Dadar Station. Hearing this news I got bit worried but wasn't sure about the news wether it was real or an hoax. I tried to look here and there and listen to people whether anybody is talking about it but every thing was normal. Meanwhile train arrived at Vikhroli Station for CST, I had to go to Mumbai Central via Dadar Station.

I boarded the train and had a seat. The train moved on, I was again trying to figure out about the news but still couldn't find anyone talking about it. Couple of stations passed and I was nearing Dadar station where I had to get down and where bomb blast was presumed to have happened but had no confirmation. I felt like asking somebody in the train about the blast news but then thought it would be wrong. At Kurla station few guys entered into the train talking about their phone network not working and suddenly a talk burst into the train about the blast near Dadar station. Now I was sure that the news was true. Finally I reached Dadar Station, I moved out of the train and I got to the bridge to change over from Central Railway to Western Railway for a train to Mumbai Central which is my home. I saw a group of Police officials on the bridge, and now I was assured of the incident.

Now I was waiting on the platform of Dadar Station for a fast train to Churchgate which would take me to Mumbai Central. The train arrived, crowded as usual. The crowded fast train usually empties at Dadar station. The train stopped on the platform, the crowd came rushing out of the train. We were waiting for people to get down to board the train. The train got emptied, I jumped into the train and many other people boarded the train.

The train was at halt. As we entered the train suddenly couple of guys started shouting "Aye Bag kiska Hai??", "Aye Bag kiska Hai??" (who's bag it is??). They repetedly kept on shouting without getting any answer, others also joined them realizing a unknown Bag lying on the luggage carrier of the train suspecting a bomb in the bag. Panic was set inside the train as no one answered and people had no idea what to do. The train was now on the move, fearing a bomb scare couple of guys jumped out of the moving train on the platform. The train had now left the platform and had picked up speed. People including me were still under panic shouting "Aree Bag kiska Hai??" bahar phek do (who's bag it is?? throw it outside). It was total chaos inside the train with nowhere to go as the train was on the move. No one dared to touch the bag and throw it outside the train. One man bravely walked up and picked up the bag to throw it outside, people shouted "Are bhai dhire se, sambhalke!!!"  (hey brother carefully!!!).

The man rushed towards the door with the bag in his hand while me and other passangers were in grief, as he was about to throw the bag out of the train somebody held his hand and said "Rukho. Bag kyoun phek rahe ho" (stop. why are you throwing this bag), Meri bag hain. (Its my bag). People were furious and amused after listening this. He was a young guy standing at the door of the train on the footboard. He took the bag and casually hanged it to his shoulder. People angrly (uttering bad words in hindi) asked him why didn't he answered  when all for so long where shouting who's bag it is? He calmly said "I didn't listen".

This young man was standing at the door of the train with ear phones in his ears, listening to music, totally unaware of what was going inside. People were under total panic inside the train for 4 to 5 minutes and few even jumped out of the moving train while the train was leaving the platform fearing a bomb inside the bag.

Moral of the story is that some people don't realise the importance of an emergency. On an event of such a situation for example a terrorist attack or any other calamity happening around, people should come out of their own world and stay awake and aware about the happenings in their surrounding and should be ready to face any situation.

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