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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi - The Best Comedy Film Ever.

Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi (Devnagari: अशी ही बनवा बनवी) is a comedy Marathi film directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and released in India in 1988.

This is the greatest comedy movie of all time in any language. I yet  have to see a comedy movie as hilarious as this one. A film with a great star cast, fabulous plot, wonderful comic punches and unbelievable performances. 
Aamir Khan and Salman Khan starer Andaz Apana Apana is in my thought the second best to Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi in Indian comedy movies.













Dhananjay Mane (Ashok Saraf) is a street-smart salesperson in a cosmetic store owned by Madhuri (Ashwini Bhave) in Pune. He lives as a tenant of a stingy landlord Vishwas Sarpotdar (Sudhir Joshi). He is soon joined by his younger brother Shantanu (Sushant Ray) who is a Medicine student. Though prohibited by the landlord, Dhananjay and Shantanu allow their friends Parshuram (Laxmikant Berde) and Sudhir (Sachin), who have come to Pune in search of jobs, to secretly live with them. One night, Dhananjay, Parshuram and Sudhir insult their landlord while drunk and are taken away by Shantanu, who arrives at the scene a little too late. Enraged by this harassment, Vishwas Sarpotdar orders them to vacate the place.
Many futile attempts of finding a new home for rent later, Dhananjay and Shantanu finally find a nice place in the huge house of a rich, old, kind and half-blind widow Lilabai Kalbhor (Nayantara), who lives with her shrewd servant Tanu and is often harassed by Bali (Viju Khote) for money. Forced to show themselves as married couples, a condition set by the landlady, Dhananjay and Shantanu make Parshuram and Sudhir disguise as their wives as Parvati and Sudha, respectively. Shortly after arriving at their new rental home as couples, the landlady's niece, Manisha (Supriya), and her friend Sushma (Nivedita Joshi), who is also Shantanu's girlfriend, join them for a long stay at the house. Sudhir (disguised as Shantanu's wife Sudha) is now a successful singer and courts Manisha while Shantanu makes up a fake story of his wife's cancer to appease Sushma, who is clearly upset at seeing him married. Meanwhile, Dhanajay and his employer Madhuri also fall in love with each other. Dhananjay and Co develop a bond of motherly love with their landlady.
Eventually, Tanu and Bali come to know about the disguises and Dhananjay and Co are forced to leave. On their way out, they are exposed in front of their landlady who hands them over to police. But at the police station, she absolves them of their deceits and sets them free.



Monday, July 18, 2011

Launched new DOMAIN and LOGO for my BLOG
and it is called BHA BHA BLOGSHIP

This is my Blog's new Logo

These are 3 hearts, saffron heart, blue heart and the green heart also resembling the first letters of my Blog's title i.e. BBB of Bharat Bhankal's Blog. Also the blog title ie Bha Bha Blogship is derived from the famous nursery Rhyme Ba Ba Blacksheep. The reason to use such title is that the rhyme belongs to nursery that is the entry level of formal education as this blog is also an entry level blog and even the author when it comes to writing an article or a poetry (my scribbles ) and will always be a nursery blog.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is an Incident happened on the day when there was tension all around as Mumbai faced a serial bomb attack at Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazar on 13th of July 2011.
13th July 2011 was a normal day, I left the office at about 7.00 pm and was on the way home standing at Vikhroli Station waiting for the local train to arrive. While I was waiting I recieved a call from my brother asking where are you? I replied I am at Vikhroli station on the way home. He said, be careful and reach home safely there has been a bomb blast near Dadar Station. Hearing this news I got bit worried but wasn't sure about the news wether it was real or an hoax. I tried to look here and there and listen to people whether anybody is talking about it but every thing was normal. Meanwhile train arrived at Vikhroli Station for CST, I had to go to Mumbai Central via Dadar Station.

I boarded the train and had a seat. The train moved on, I was again trying to figure out about the news but still couldn't find anyone talking about it. Couple of stations passed and I was nearing Dadar station where I had to get down and where bomb blast was presumed to have happened but had no confirmation. I felt like asking somebody in the train about the blast news but then thought it would be wrong. At Kurla station few guys entered into the train talking about their phone network not working and suddenly a talk burst into the train about the blast near Dadar station. Now I was sure that the news was true. Finally I reached Dadar Station, I moved out of the train and I got to the bridge to change over from Central Railway to Western Railway for a train to Mumbai Central which is my home. I saw a group of Police officials on the bridge, and now I was assured of the incident.

Now I was waiting on the platform of Dadar Station for a fast train to Churchgate which would take me to Mumbai Central. The train arrived, crowded as usual. The crowded fast train usually empties at Dadar station. The train stopped on the platform, the crowd came rushing out of the train. We were waiting for people to get down to board the train. The train got emptied, I jumped into the train and many other people boarded the train.

The train was at halt. As we entered the train suddenly couple of guys started shouting "Aye Bag kiska Hai??", "Aye Bag kiska Hai??" (who's bag it is??). They repetedly kept on shouting without getting any answer, others also joined them realizing a unknown Bag lying on the luggage carrier of the train suspecting a bomb in the bag. Panic was set inside the train as no one answered and people had no idea what to do. The train was now on the move, fearing a bomb scare couple of guys jumped out of the moving train on the platform. The train had now left the platform and had picked up speed. People including me were still under panic shouting "Aree Bag kiska Hai??" bahar phek do (who's bag it is?? throw it outside). It was total chaos inside the train with nowhere to go as the train was on the move. No one dared to touch the bag and throw it outside the train. One man bravely walked up and picked up the bag to throw it outside, people shouted "Are bhai dhire se, sambhalke!!!"  (hey brother carefully!!!).

The man rushed towards the door with the bag in his hand while me and other passangers were in grief, as he was about to throw the bag out of the train somebody held his hand and said "Rukho. Bag kyoun phek rahe ho" (stop. why are you throwing this bag), Meri bag hain. (Its my bag). People were furious and amused after listening this. He was a young guy standing at the door of the train on the footboard. He took the bag and casually hanged it to his shoulder. People angrly (uttering bad words in hindi) asked him why didn't he answered  when all for so long where shouting who's bag it is? He calmly said "I didn't listen".

This young man was standing at the door of the train with ear phones in his ears, listening to music, totally unaware of what was going inside. People were under total panic inside the train for 4 to 5 minutes and few even jumped out of the moving train while the train was leaving the platform fearing a bomb inside the bag.

Moral of the story is that some people don't realise the importance of an emergency. On an event of such a situation for example a terrorist attack or any other calamity happening around, people should come out of their own world and stay awake and aware about the happenings in their surrounding and should be ready to face any situation.

Monday, July 11, 2011

श्रीविठ्ठल आणि शासकीय महापूजा

अरुण पुराणिक - सोमवार, ११ जुलै २०११ 

इंग्रजांच्या काळात, हिंदू कलेक्टर, प्रांत, मामलेदार, सेवाज्येष्ठतेनुसार शासकीय पूजा करीत होते.१९७० मध्ये, समाजवादी लोकांनी ‘निधर्मी राज्यांत सरकारने पूजाअर्चा करणे योग्य नाही’ म्हणून जनआंदोलन छेडले. त्याचा परिणाम म्हणून १९७१ मध्ये शासकीय पूजा झाली नाही.  बंद पडलेली शासकीय पूजा १९७३ पासून पुन्हा चालू झाली, ती आजतागायत चालू आहे. त्यासंबंधीच्या या काही मनोरंजक आठवणी आणि किस्से..
श्रीविठ्ठलाची महापूजा शिवछत्रपतींच्या काळापासून चालू झाली , असा एक समज आहे; पण त्याविषयी पुरावा नाही. श्रीक्षेत्र पंढरपूर हे विजापूरच्या आदिलशाहीत होते. थोरले बाजीराव पेशवे पंढरपुरी दर्शनास येऊन गेल्याचे पुरावे आहेत. पुढे पंढरपूर पेशवाईत आले, तेव्हा पेशव्यांनी या मंदिराच्या देखभालीसाठी देवस्थान समिती नेमली. दुसरे बाजीराव तर महिनाभर पंढरपुरी वास्तव्यास असत. देवस्थान समितीचे सदस्य आषाढीवारीला पांडुरंगाची पूजा करत. १८३९ मध्ये ही पूजा करण्याचा मान सातारच्या गादीकडे होता. इंग्रजांच्या काळात, हिंदू कलेक्टर, प्रांत, मामलेदार, सेवाज्येष्ठतेनुसार शासकीय पूजा करीत. इंग्रज सरकार पूजाअर्चेसाठी या देवस्थानाला वर्षांला दोन हजार रुपयांचे अनुदान देत असे. स्वातंत्र्योत्तर काळातही पहिली काही वर्षे हे शासकीय अधिकारीच पांडुरंगाची पूजा करीत. संयुक्त महाराष्ट्राच्या निर्मितीनंतर राजारामबापू पाटील, महसूल मंत्री असताना पूजेसाठी पंढरपुरी आले होते. त्यांनी या देवस्थानचे वार्षिक अनुदान दोन हजार रुपयांवरून २० हजार रुपये केले. त्यानंतर महाराष्ट्रातील मंत्र्यांच्या हस्ते शासकीय पूजा करण्याची प्रथा चालू झाली.
१९७० मध्ये, समाजवादी लोकांनी ‘निधर्मी राज्यांत सरकारने पूजाअर्चा करणे योग्य नाही’ म्हणून जनआंदोलन छेडले. त्याचा परिणाम म्हणून १९७१ साली शासकीय पूजा झाली नाही. १९७२ मध्ये महाराष्ट्रात प्रचंड दुष्काळ पडला. शेतकरी हवालदिल झाले. लोक आपली शेतीवाडी, गुरेढोरे सोडून कामधंद्यासाठी शहरांकडे जाऊ लागले. वारकरी म्हणू लागले, सरकारने पूजा बंद केली, म्हणून विठ्ठल कोपला आणि महाराष्ट्रात दुष्काळ पडला. वारकरी संप्रदायाच्या शिष्टमंडळाने तत्कालीन मुख्यमंत्री वसंतराव नाईक यांना साकडे घातले. त्यांनीच ही बंद पडलेली शासकीय पूजा १९७३ पासून पुन्हा चालू केली, ती आजतागायत चालू आहे. त्यासंबंधीच्या या काही मनोरंजक आठवणी आणि किस्से..
मुख्यमंत्री वसंतदादा पाटील आषाढी यात्रेच्या पूजेला पंढरपुरी आले होते. तेव्हा पांडुरंगासमोर दक्षिणेच्या रूपांत त्यांना मागणं मागितलं. ‘गरीब भाविक यात्रेकरूंना द्यावा लागणारा, जिझिया कर (यात्रा कर) रद्द करा.’ त्याप्रमाणे दादांनी नुसता पंढरपूरचाच नाही तर देहू-आळंदी येथीलही कर रद्द केला. ही पांडुरंगाच्या महापूजेची किमया!
महाराष्ट्राचे एक माजी गृहमंत्री आषाढी एकादशीच्या महापूजेस पहाटे अडीच वाजता आले. खाली सोवळे वर खादीचा सदरा! रात्रीची बहुधा उतरली नव्हती, जीभ अडखळत होती. दक्षिणेसाठी खिशांत हात घातला तर खिसा रिकामा! त्यांनी जिल्हाधिकाऱ्याला दम देऊन दक्षिणा देण्यास लावली. रुक्मिणी मातेच्या पूजेस आल्यावर पुन्हा दक्षिणेचा प्रश्न आला. आता जिल्हाधिकाऱ्याकडेही पैसे नव्हते. त्यांनी ‘उत्पात’ समितीच्या कार्यालयातून पैसे घेऊन देवीसमोर ठेवले.
शरद पवार मूळचे समाजवादी असल्याने नास्तिक होते. पंढरपूरच्या साखर कारखान्याच्या गळीत हंगामाला येत, पण देवळात येत नसत. पत्नीने फारच आग्रह केल्यावर केवळ तिच्या आग्रहासाठी ते एकदा विठ्ठल मंदिरात आले. पत्नी मनोभावे पूजा करत होती. बाहेरच्या हत्ती दरवाजातील कट्टय़ावर बसून शरदराव कार्यकर्त्यांशी गप्पा मारत होते. पत्रकारांनी खवचटपणे विचारले, तुम्ही देव मानीत नाहीत, तर मग पांडुरंगाच्या पूजेला कसे काय आलात? राजकारणात मुरलेल्या पवारांनी लगेच, हजरजबाबी उत्तर दिले, ‘माझ्या महाराष्ट्राची कोटय़वधी जनता पांडुरंगास देव मानते, त्यांच्या धार्मिक भावनेचा आदर करण्यासाठी आज मी इथे आलो आहे.’
एक ‘कर्मठ’ ब्राह्मण मंत्री आषाढीला महापूजेसाठी आले होते. घाईघाईत कशीबशी त्यांनी महापूजा उरकली. त्या दिवशी एकादशी असल्याने पंढरपुरात मांसाहार मिळणार नाही हे समजल्यावर त्यांनी तडक सोलापूर गाठले आणि दुपारचे मांसाहारी भोजन तिथे उरकले. याउलट इंदिरा गांधी सत्तेतून पायउतार झाल्यावर साधारण १९७९-८० च्या दरम्यान पहाटे चार वाजता पंढरपूरला आल्या. अंबाबाईच्या पटांगणातील पहाटेची भव्य सभा उरकली आणि पहाटे स्नान करून विठ्ठल मंदिरात पूजेला बसल्या. दर्शन, पूजाअर्चा करून डाक बंगल्यावर आल्या. टेबलावरती नाश्त्याची जय्यत तयारी होती. त्यात नेहमीचे पदार्थ आणि उकडलेली अंडी होती. पांडुरंगराव डिंगरे, पंढरपूरचे माजी आमदार आणि इंदिराजींचे भक्त, त्यांनी विनंती केली, मॅडम, आज एकादशी आहे आणि हे पांडुरंगाचे पवित्र तीर्थक्षेत्र आहे. तेव्हा आजच्या दिवशी तरी हे अन्न तुम्ही घेऊ नका. त्या लगेच होय म्हणाल्या आणि फक्त दूध घेऊन तडक पुढच्या दौऱ्याला निघाल्या.
मनोहर जोशी मुख्यमंत्री म्हणून पूजेस आले, तेव्हा महाराष्ट्रात दुष्काळसदृश परिस्थिती होती. जुलै महिना अर्धा झाला तरी पाऊस पडला नव्हता. त्यांनी पांडुरंगासमोर हात जोडून विनवणी केली. ‘बा पाडुरंगा, महाराष्ट्रात भरपूर पाऊस पडू दे.’ देवस्थान समितीला विनंती केली, ‘शासकीय महापूजेचा कालावधी कमी करा, वारक ऱ्यांना रांगेत तिष्ठत उभे रहावे लागते याची जाणीव ठेवा.’ आषाढी एकादशीची पूजा मुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या हस्ते आणि कार्तिकी एकादशीची पूजा उपमुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या हस्ते, ही प्रथा मनोहर जोशी यांच्या काळातच चालू झाली.
शालिनीताई पाटील एकदा पंढरपुरी पूजेला आल्या होत्या, तेव्हा, मनोभावे त्यांनी रुक्मिणी मातेला नवस केला. ‘आमच्या भोळ्या दादांना पक्षातील लोकांनीच दगाफटका केला, पण  दादा पुन्हा मुख्यमंत्री होऊ देत, मी तुला पाच तोळ्यांचे मंगळसूत्र वाहीन!’  चमत्कार म्हणा, श्रद्धा म्हणा, दादा खरंच परत मुख्यमंत्री झाले आणि शालिनीताईंनी तो नवस फेडला. पण त्यानंतर नवस करूनही त्या स्वत: मात्र कधी मुख्यमंत्री झाल्या नाहीत.
१९५३ मध्ये, पंतप्रधान पंडित जवाहरलाल नेहरू पंढरपुरला आले होते. दर्शनाला जाताना, विठ्ठलाच्या गाभाऱ्याच्या दगडी उंबरठय़ावर ते जोरात ठेचकाळले. एक अशुभ घटना म्हणून पुढील काळांत तो दगडी उंबरठाच काढून टाकण्यात आला. रुक्मिणी मातेच्या मंदिरात मात्र तो दगडी उंबरठा अजूनही आहे.
राष्ट्रपती डॉ. राजेंद्र प्रसाद सवरेदय संमेलनासाठी १९५५ च्या दरम्यान पंढरपूरला आले होते. गावात प्रवेश केल्यावर, डाक बंगल्यावर न जाता, सरळ स्नानासाठी ते चंद्रभागा नदीच्या तीरावर गेले. सुरक्षा रक्षकांची धावपळ झाली. कुठून तरी चादरी, धोतरे आणून त्यांच्या भोवती आडोसा केला गेला. चंद्रभागेच्या पात्रातून अनवाणी चालत, वाळवंट, महाद्वार घाट, नामदेव पायरी ओलांडून ते विठ्ठल मंदिराच्या मंडपात आले. एका दमात चालत आल्यामुळे त्यांना किंचित धाप लागली म्हणून एखाद्या वारकऱ्यासारखे तिथल्या दगडी कट्टय़ावर बसले. काहीक्षण विश्रांती घेऊन, तिथून पूजेकरता देवाच्या गाभाऱ्यात गेले. पूजा चालू असताना तेथील ब्राह्मणांच्या बरोबरीने ते स्वत: मंत्र म्हणू लागले. पूजा झाल्यावर ते इतके संतुष्ट झाले की तेथील बडव्यांना त्यांनी विनंती केली, की माझी पत्नी पंढरपूरला येईल तेव्हा तिच्या हातूनही अशीच पूजा करा. त्याप्रमाणे महिनाभरांत त्यांच्या पत्नी पूजा करून गेल्या.
राष्ट्रपती ग्यानी झैलसिंग हे संत नामदेव जन्मसप्तशताब्दीनिमित्त पंढरपूरला आले. ते प्रथम चंद्रभागेच्या काठावरील नामदेव मंदिरात गेले. तेथील नामदास महाराज हे संत नामदेवांचे वंशज आहेत हे सांगितल्यावर ते नामदास महाराजांच्या पाया पडले. नंतर महाद्वारातून संत नामदेव पायरीशी आल्यावर त्यांनी देवळाच्या दरवाजात, नामदेव पायरीला साष्टांग दंडवत घातला. पंजाबी आणि शीख बांधवांना संत नामदेव यांच्याविषयी किती आदर आहे, याचे त्याक्षणी प्रत्यंतर आले. त्यांनी श्रीविठ्ठल रुक्मिणीची महापूजा केली. तेव्हा विठ्ठलासमोर दक्षिणा म्हणून तात्यासाहेब डिंगरे यांनी त्यांच्याकडे एकच मागणे मागितले, ‘बार्शीलाईट रेल्वे ब्रॉडगेज करा व अमृतसर-पंढरपूर अशी नानक-नामदेव एक्सप्रेस चालू करा.’ त्यावर ते प्रसन्नपणे हसले.
राष्ट्रपती शंकर दयाळजी शर्मा हे उपराष्ट्रपती व राष्ट्रपती असताना किमान तीनचार वेळा पंढरपुरी येऊन महापूजा करून गेले. त्यांच्यामुळे पंढरपूरची रेल्वे ब्रॉडगेज झाली. यशवंतराव चव्हाण हे मुख्यमंत्री व संरक्षण मंत्री असताना पंढरपुरी येऊन महापूजा करून गेले होते.
१९८५ साली, शिवसेनेचे महाडचे अधिवेशन झाल्यावर, सोलापूर जिल्हा, शिवसेना संपर्कप्रमुख राम भंकाळ यांना घेऊन मी शिवसेनाप्रमुखांना पंढरपूर भेटीचे निमंत्रण देण्यास गेलो होतो. तेव्हा देशात घातपाताचे प्रकार चालू होते. शिवसेनाप्रमुख उद्वेगाने म्हणाले, ‘तुझ्या त्या पांडुरंगाला माझा निरोप दे’ डोळे मिटून कमरेवर हात ठेवून काय उभा आहेस? हाती जोडा घे आणि धर्माध शक्तींना पार चिरडून टाक!’ नंतर तेही पंढरपुरी येऊन पांडुरंगाचे दर्शन घेऊन आले.
चंद्रशेखर सरस्वती आणि कांचीकामकोटीपीठाचे परम आचार्य आणि श्री सत्य साईबाबाही विठ्ठलाच्या दर्शनाला पंढरपुरी आले होते. आचार्य विनोबा भावे सर्वधर्मीयांना घेऊन विठ्ठलाच्या दर्शनाला पंढरपूरला आले होते. मंदिराच्या गाभाऱ्यात विठ्ठलाच्या पायावर डोके ठेवून ते ओक्साबोक्शी रडू लागले. क्षणभर तिथे स्तब्धता पसरली. लोकांनी विचारले, आचार्य, तुम्ही असे का रडता? रडवेल्या आवाजातच ते म्हणाले, ‘ज्या पायांवर संत ज्ञानेश्वर महाराजांनी, संत नामदेव, एकनाथ, तुकारामांनी डोके टेकविले, त्या पायांवर मी आज डोके टेकवित आहे. हे माझे किती जन्मांचे भाग्य आहे याची तुम्हाला कल्पना नाही! हे माझे आनंदाश्रू आहेत.’
पूर्वी बाळासाहेब भारदे, शशिकांत पागे यासारखी वारकरी संप्रदायाची, आध्यात्मिक क्षेत्राची जाण असलेली मंडळी मंदिर समितीवर होती. आजकाल राजकीय नेमणुका केल्या जातात. आषाढी कार्तिकीला पूजेला येणे भावनेपेक्षा प्रतिष्ठेचे लक्षण बनत चालले आहे. २००९ मध्ये शासनाने पंढरपूर विकास प्राधिकरणाच्या स्थापनेची घोषणा केली. या घोषणेची अंमलबजावणी कशी केली जाते, ते पाहणे महत्त्वाचे आहे. नैतिक मूल्ये जोपासणाऱ्या राजकीय नेत्यांची ही अतिशय बोलकी दोन उदाहरणे-
शंकरराव चव्हाण केंद्रात संरक्षणमंत्री असताना, आषाढीवारीच्या पौर्णिमेनंतर विठ्ठलाच्या दर्शनास आले. त्यांना पूजा करायची होती, पण प्रशाळ पूजा झाल्याशिवाय मंदिरात महापूजा करता येत नाही ही येथील परंपरा आहे. हे त्यांना सांगितल्यावर ‘माझ्यासाठी तुम्ही नियम मोडू नका, मी फक्त दर्शन घेऊन परत जातो’ म्हणाले व त्याप्रमाणे ते नुसते दर्शन घेऊन परत गेले.
पंडित लालबहादूर शास्त्री हे रेल्वेमंत्री असताना बार्शीलाईट रेल्वेने पंढरपुरी आले. त्यांना पांडुरंगाचे दर्शन घेण्याची इच्छा होती, पण वारी असल्याने रेल्वे स्टेशनवर कॉलऱ्याची लस टोचून घेतल्याशिवाय गावात प्रवेश करता येत नव्हता. नगरपालिकेच्या अधिकाऱ्यास ते म्हणाले, माझ्या आयुष्यात मी कोणतीही लस टोचून घेतलेली नाही. तेव्ही मी हे इंजेक्शन घेणार नाही. तेव्हा अधिकारी म्हणाले, ‘तुम्ही केंद्रीय मंत्री! तुम्हाला इथे कोण अडविणार?’ तेव्हा शास्त्री म्हणाले, ‘मी इंजेक्शन घेणार नाही आणि मंत्री असलो तरी इथला नियम मोडणार नाही.’ ते पांडुरंगाचे दर्शन न घेता चक्क पंढरपूर रेल्वे स्टेशनवरून परत गेले.
आषाढीवारीच्या निमित्ताने, पांडुरंगाच्या साक्षीने, आपण सर्वानीच यातून नैतिकतेचा बोध घेण्याची गरज आहे, असे मला प्रकर्षांने वाटते!

गालावर खळी डोळ्यात धुंदी...

गालावर खळी डोळ्यात धुंदी
ओठावर खुले लाली गुलाबाची
कधी कुठे कसा तुला सांग भेटू
वाट पाहतो एका इशार्‍याची
जाऊ नको दुर तू
अशी ये समोर तू
माझा रंग तू घे
तुझा रंग मला दे
गालावर खळी…. रंग मला दे ॥१॥

हो कोणता हा मोसम मस्त रंगांचा
तुझ्या सवे माझ्या जीवनी आला
सूने सूने होते किती मन माझे
आज तेच वाटे धुंद मधुशाला
जगण्याची मज आता कळते मजा
नाही मी कोणाचा आहे तुझा
सांगतो मी खरे खरे
तुझ्यासाठी जीव झुरे
मन माझे थरारे
कधी तुझ्या पुढे पुढे
कधी तुझ्या मागे मागे
करतो मी इशारे
हे जाऊ नको दुर तू…. तुझा रंग मला दे ॥२॥

हो तुझ्या पापण्यांच्या सावली खाली
मला जिंदगी घेऊनी आली
तुझ्या चाहूलीची धुन आनंदे
अंतरास माझ्या छेडूनी गेली
जगण्याची आता मज येई नशा
तू माझे जीवन तू माझी दिशा
आता तरी माझ्यावरी कर तुझी जादू
गिरीहुर हुर का जिवालाबोल आता काही तरी
भेट आता कुठेतरी
कसला हा अबोलाहे जाऊ नको दुर तू….तुझा रंग मला दे 

Gala var khali dolat dhundi othavari khule lali gulabachi
khadhi kothe kasa tula saang bhetu vata pahato me yeka isharyachi
jau nako dur tu ashiye samor tu maza rang tu ghe tuza rang mala de

Gala var khali dolat dhundi othavari khule lali gulabachi
khadhi kothe kasa tula saang bhetu vata pahato me yeka isharyachi
jau nako dur tu ashiye samor tu maza rang tu ghe tuza rang mala de…
i love you…, i love you…, i love you…

konataha mosam masta rangacha… ha
tuzya save mazya jivani aala….
sune sune hote kiti man maze….
aaj tech wate dhunda madhushala
jaganyachi maj aata kalate majya…..
nahi me kunacha aahe tuza

jaganyachi maj aata kalate majya…..
nahi me kunacha aahe tuza………

sangato me khare khare tuzya sathi jiva zure
man maze tharare kadhi tuzya pudhe pudhe
kadhi tuzya mage mage karato me ishare
jau nako dur tu

jau nako dur tu ashiye samor tu maza rang tu ghe tuza rang mala de….

tuzya papnyachya sawali khali……..
mala jindagi gheuni aali
tuzya chahulichi dhunda aanand de….
antaras mazya cheduni gele

jaganyachi maj aata yei nasha
tu maze jivan tu mazi disha
aata tari mazya vari kar tuzi jadugiri hur hur ka jivala
bola aata kahi tari bheta aata kothe tari
kasa lava ola he jau nako dur tu

jau nako dur tu ashiye samor tu maza rang tu ghe tuza rang mala de

Gala var khali dolat dhundi othavari khule lali gulabachi
khadhi kothe kasa tula saang bhetu vata pahato me yeka isharyachi
jau nako dur tu ashiye samor tu maza rang tu ghe tuza rang mala de…

he loves you, he loves you...

Friday, July 8, 2011

आताशा मी फक्त रकाने दिवसांचे भरतो...




आताशा मी फक्त रकाने दिवसांचे भरतो
चाकोरीचे खरडून कागद सहीस पाठवतो
व्याप नको मज कुठलाही अन् ताप नको आहे
उत्तर कुठले? मुळात मजला प्रश्न नको आहे
ह्या प्रश्नांशी अवघ्या परवा करार मी केला
मी न छळावे त्यांना त्यांनी छळू नये मजला
बधीरतेच्या पुंगीवर मी नागोबा डुलतो
आता आता छाती केवळ भीती साठवते
डोंगर बघता उंची नाही खोली आठवते
आता कुठल्या दिलखुष गप्पा उदार गगनाशी
आता नाही रात्रही उरली पूर्वीगत हौशी
बिलंदरीने कलंदरीची गीते मी रचतो
कळून येता जगण्याची या इवलीशी त्रिज्या
उडून जाती अत्तरापरी जगण्याच्या मौजा
दारी नाही फिरकत कुठला नवा छंद चाळा
राखण करीत बसतो येथे सदैव कंटाळा
कंटाळ्याचा देखील आता कंटाळा येतो

Minoxidil - For Hair Loss and Baldness

Minoxidil - For treatment of Hair Loss and Baldness

Minoxidil is a drug that is used for treating male-pattern baldness. Oral minoxidil was originally used for treating high blood pressure, but patients and health care providers noticed that hair growth was a side effect of treatment. This led to the development of topical (solution applied to the skin) minoxidil for the treatment of male-pattern baldness. The mechanism of action leading to growth of hair is unknown.

Minoxidil (trade names RogaineRegaineAvacorLoniten (orally), and Mintopamong others) is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication which also slows or stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.
Minoxidil was first used exclusively as an oral drug (trade name Loniten) to treat high blood pressure. However, it was discovered to have an interesting side-effect: Minoxidil may cause increased growth or darkening of fine body hairs, or in some cases, significant hair growth. When the medication is discontinued, the hair loss will return to normal rate within 30 to 60 days. Upjohn Corporation produced a topicalsolution that contained 2% minoxidil to be used to treat baldness and hair loss, under the brand name Rogaine in the United States and Canada, and Regaine in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. Treatments usually include a 5% concentration solution that is designed for men, whereas the 2% concentration solutions are designed for women. The patent on minoxidil expired on February 11, 1996.
In 2007 a new foam-based formulation of 5% minoxidil was claimed to be as effective as the liquid-based treatment for male pattern baldness.
Minoxidil should be applied as 1 ml of solution or half a capful of foam to dry hair and scalp once in the morning and again in the evening. It should be spread evenly over the affected areas, and then the hands should be washed with warm water (if the hands are used for application). Minoxidil must be applied on the scalp at least twice daily and for at least four months to see results. Minoxidil works less well in patients that are older, have larger areas of baldness, and have been bald for longer periods of time. Minoxidil should be applied to a dry scalp only, and left in place for at least four hours. Minoxidil must be continued in order to maintain or increase the hair growth achieved.

Minoxidil should not be used with other topical medications because they may increase its absorption and side effects. Minoxidil should not be used in pregnancy. Minoxidil should not be used by nursing women because it has not been evaluated adequately in nursing mothers.
Sebum from sebaceous gland blocks the hair follicle.
Minoxidil therefore, cannot penetrate the sebum as well to get to the dermal papilla (where hair growth occurs).
Minoxidil which contains 30%-60% alcohol, stays on the surface causing in many cases, irritation and itching of the scalp and drying of the hair shaft. Minoxidil works at the dermal papilla, not on the scalp surface.
Limited Penetration = Limited Results!
Utilize Dexpanthenol to break up and dissolve sebum. Dexpanthenol also hydrates the Stratum Corneum layer (outer layer of skin around the hair shaft) making it more permeable to gases and liquids, such as Minoxidil.
After Dexpanthenol has hydrated the outer layer and dissolved the sebum, Minoxidil in carrier solution penetrates down to the dermal papilla.
Carrier is what neutralizes the alcohol in Minoxidil to allow for better penetration and less irritation and dryness of the scalp. Remember, Minoxidil only works at the dermal papilla level, not on the scalp, so if it can't penetration it can't work. Minoxidil in carrier solution can penetrate down to the dermal papilla and regrow hair better.

The mechanism by which minoxidil promotes hair growth is not fully understood. Minoxidil contains the nitric oxide chemical moiety and may act as a nitric oxide agonist. Similarly, Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener, causing hyperpolarization of cell membranes. Minoxidil is less effective when there is a large area of hair loss. In addition, its effectiveness has largely been demonstrated in younger men (18 to 41 years of age). Minoxidil use is indicated for central (vertex), or top of head, balding only.
Minoxidil is also a vasodilatorIt is speculated that by widening blood vessels and opening potassium channels, it allows more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the follicle. This can also cause follicles in the telogen phase to shed, usually soon to be replaced by new, thicker hairs (in a new anagen phase).
Adverse reactions include irritation of the skin, itching,contact dermatitis, and dryness of the scalp or flaking. An increase in the absorption of minoxidil from the scalp can occur in patients with damaged skin, leading to increased side effects. Minoxidil's contains alcohol that can irritate the eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes or other sensitive areas, the exposed area should be washed with cool water.
Alcohol present in topical preparations may dry the scalp, resulting in dandruff. Side effects of oral minoxidil may include swelling of the face and extremities, rapid and irregular heartbeat, lightheadedness, cardiac lesions, and focal necrosis of the papillary muscle and subendocardial areas of the left ventricle. There have been cases of allergic reactions to minoxidil or the non-active ingredient propylene glycol, which is found in some forms of topical Rogaine.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hittie Kittie

Hittie Kittie is a game that we use to play in our school. There is no information of any kind available about this game and also its origin. Surprisingly  I haven't seen this game played or even heard of anywhere else other than our school and it is carried forward from one generation to another. Even today kids continue to play this game. The most amazing thing is that it is still being played at the same spot in our school's playing ground where we use to play.

There were many other games played including cricket. Cricket was played with a black colored mini size rubber ball where we used the palm of our hand as a bat to hit the ball. There was not much fun though playing cricket as most of the time we would end up fetching the ball accept the batsman who would have all the fun hiting the ball all around the ground and by the time you get a chance to bat the bell would ring.

Hittie Kittie was the game that I loved playing the most as every one would get an equal chance of participation being a team game. It was generally played during our Physical Education period or during a free period, though none of the above two games were allowed to play.

Hittie Kittie was just played for fun during free time, we would enjoy our heart out and would return back to our benches after the bell ring, but today when I sit back and remember those moments I realize what an amazing game that was.
Hittie Kittie is a very physical game, it may cause injuries and requires physical strength to sustain in the game. At the end of the game we would end up with small injuries and bruises, torn pockets, scratched nail marks, stiff back and thighs etc.

It's a game of real team work and strength where one weak link can make you lose the game. You can't win unless you play as a team. It's a game where you got to make your position strong and also support other team mates in case they are in trouble. Most Important thing is that, you got to 'HOLD ON' as a team.

A real Wall
A person who stand as a Wall
5 or more than 5 players on each side. (between 5 to 8 players on each side are ideal, having more han 8 or less than 5 players makes the game difficult.)
A person as a refree (wall person also acts as a refree)

Two teams will toss a coin to decide wether to jump first or to form a bridge. After the decision one team forms a human bridge perpendicular to the plain of the wall bending down at 90 degrees back to back(like coaches of train) holding each others waist tightly for support and keeping their heads down alternately to left and right position. Person standing as a wall would protect the first person in the bridge from the real wall and may also act as a refree. The other team would line themselves at a distance of few yards from the bridge as a run up. The jumping team would then one by one would run towards the bridge shouting 'Hittie-Kittie coming' and jump onto it. Each person after jumping would hold onto his position without falling of the bridge till all have finished jumping.

During this process the bridge team would try to prevent themselves from breaking while the jumpers would try to hang on to the bridge without falling down or touching any part of the body to the ground, this would be monitored by the refree or an external observer. After the last jumper has jumped and as the bridge and jumping team hold on without breaking or falling, the counting would begin from one to ten i.e. like Hittie-Kittie 1, Hittie-Kittie 2...and so on. If some one falls off the bridge or the bridge breaks, that team will lose a point to the other team. If both of them hold on till the 1 to 10 count the bridge team would earn a point and it would be there turn to have a jump. Each team would get equal number of chances to jump. The team who collects more points are winners.
Kids playing Hittie Kittie in our school
Picture courtesy Mahesh Gupta and Sir C.J. High School Alumni

The real test in this game is of the bridge team because they have to carry the load of jumpers on their back for long time.The player at the start of the bridge has less load on his back as compared to others, as to maximum one jumper is able to reach that distance. Sometimes one player in the bridge could have two or three players on his back, which can be difficult to withstand. Generally this load is on the players from the middle to the end of the bridge therefore those players have to be physically strong.

The jumping team will have all the fun. Each player while jumping will try to create a big landing impact so as to break the bridge with the impact. The jumpers can directly jump on to the bridge or can take support of the last player in the bridge with their hands landing first and then taking a leap forward, this allows them to cover more distance on the bridge. The best jumpers of the team must go first so that they can land themselves furthur on the bridge. If the first jumper is not able to make his jump properly and gets stuck in the middle of the bridge, the rest of the jumper will not be left with any space to jump onto or they might have to jump over him which is difficult. Due to this the jumper colud go to ground at the impact of the jump itself because of lack of space to hold on. This situation is also difficult for the bridge team as it creates the possibility of one player carring the load of many (in case all the jumpers hang on) which could result into breaking of the bridge.

Thus the game of HITTIE KITTIE is a test of ones strength and tolerance and above all a great team game to enjoy and have lots of fun and funny moments.  

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