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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rain for Rs 5000 only...

A wonderful poetry from the film 'Thodasa Rumani Ho Jaaye' an Amol Palekar film with Nana Patekar in the lead role. A great movie about hope where Nana Patekar is a man who claims to bring rain within 48 hours in a drought affected area and demands Rs 5000 for the same. 

Haan Mere dost, wahi baarish

Wahi Barish jo asmaan se aati hai
Boondo mein gaati hai
pahaadon se fisalti hai
nadiyon mein chalti hai
nehro mein machalti hai
kuen pokhar se milti hai
khaprailon par girti hai
galiyon mein firti hai
mod par sambhalti hai
fir aage nikalti hai
wohi barish, yeh barish aksar gili hoti hai
isey paani bhi kehte hai
urdu mein aab
marathi mein paani
tamil mein tanni
kannad mein neer aur bangla mein jol kehte hai
sanskrit mein jise waari neer amrut paey ambu bhi kehte hai
greek mein ise aqua puraa
angrezi mein isse water bhi kehte hai
french mein auoo
aur chemistry mein h20 kehte hai
yeh paani aankh se dhaltaa hai toh aansoo kehlata hai
lekin chehre pe chad jaye to rubaab banjaata hai
koi sharm se paani paani ho jaata hai
aur kabhi kabhi yeh paani sarkari file’o mein apne kuen sameth chori hojaata hai
paani toh paani hai paani zindagani hai
isiliye jab rooh ki nadi sukhi ho
mun kaa hiran pyasa ho
dimag mein lagi ho aag
aur pyaar ki ghagar khali ho tab
aur tab mein hamesha yeh baarish naam ka gila paani lene ki rai deta hoon

A must watch film...

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  1. I was looking ofr tthe words of baarish!! thanks!


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