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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pharmanalytical Quotes

Relationship Status for Chromatographers

"Chromatographer is the only person in the world who is happy after separation"

"Quality Control and Quality Assurance is the need of a Pharma Company, Quantity Control and Quantity Assurance is the need of a Pharma Employee"

"In any phase of life, a chromatographer is ready for separation" 

"To achieve Maxima of success choose the right wavelength of efforts"

Flush out worries in stationary phases of your life to achieve symmetry in future.

"Change is necessary but Significant Change can affect stability in life"

"More the flow rate of efforts earlier is the retention time of success"

"No matter how high the concentration of problems in the past, don't let its 'carry over' come in the present"

"The capacity to remain unaffected by small, and deliberate changes in life provides an indication of reliability, robustness and ruggedness of a person"

"High Temperature can lead to decrease in the purity of thoughts and increase in the impurities of actions.

"To neutralize the acids of difficulties you need a good base of knowledge"

NOTE : The following Quotes are just for fun, don't get into the theoretical aspects of it. They may be or may not be logical nor theoretically correct.

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