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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeev Dangala Gungala Rangala Asaa..

चित्रपट जोगवा
Movie - Jogwa (The Awakening)

The film bagged five awards at the national film awards for 2009. National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues, National Film Award for Best Actor for Uupendra Limaye, National Film Award for Best Music Direction for Ajay Atul, National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for Hariharan for song "Jeev Dangla" and National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer for Shreya Ghoshal for the same song.
स्वर हरिहरन श्रेया घोशाल
SINGER - Hariharan/Shreya Ghoshal 
संगीत अजय अतुल
Music - Ajay-Atul
गीत - संजय पाटील
Lyricist - Sanjay Patil

जीव दंगला गुंगला रंगला असा my soul is engaged,absorbed,colored in you 
पीरमाची आस तू  you are longing of my love 
जीव लागला लाभला   my soul has got infected by your desire
ध्यास ह्यो तुझा 
गहिवरला श्वास तू  my voice has been choked by emotion 

पैलतीरा नेशील  will you take me to the far bank? 
साथ मला देशील  will you accompany me?
काळीज माझा तू you are my heart 
सुख भरतीला आलं  happiness has come to the high tide
नभ धरतीला आलं  clouds have come to the earth 
पुनावाचा चांद तू  you are moon of full moon day

जीव दंगला गुंगला रंगला असा 
पीरमाची आस तू 
जीव लागला लाभला 
ध्यास ह्यो तुझा 
गहिवरला श्वास तू 

चांद सुगंधा येईल  moon will come to take that sweet aroma
रात उसासा देईल  night will sigh with relief
सारी धरती तुझी  all earth is yours
रुजाव्याची माती तू  you are the germinating soil 

खुलं आभाळ ढगाळ  sky is open with lots of clouds 
त्याला रुढीचा ईटाळ  which has desereate of old customs
माझ्या लाख सजणा   my valuable lover
हि काकाणाची तोड माळ तू  please break the garland of bangles
खुण काळीज हे माझं तुला दिलं मी आंदन  i have given you my heart as a gift
तुझ्या पायावर माखीन माझ्या जन्माचा गोंधळ  i will do Gondhal of my life at your feet

जीव दंगला गुंगला रंगला असा
पीरमाची आस तू 
जीव लागला लाभला 
ध्यास ह्यो तुझा 
गहिवरला श्वास तू 

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