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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Salil Kulkarni

Dr. Salill Kulkarni (सलील कुलकर्णी) is a renowned Marathi music composer and singer from Maharashtra, India. His musical journey started at the age of 3 years, when he performed on All India Radio, Pune. Thereafter, he took his musical lessons from Pt.Gangadharbuva Pimpalkhare, Jaymalabai Shiledar and Pramod Marathe. He is a graduate in medicine; but his passion about music override his career. And today he has created a successful career in music for himself, of course with his immense struggle and hardwork. Born and brought up in Pune, he excels in harmonium as well. While working as a music director for the last ten years, composed songs for Hindi and Marathi albums, serials and films. He and lyricist Sandeep Khare have performed the stage show Ayushyawar Bolu Kahi. more than 500 times. Saleel is also a part of Marathi SaReGaMaPa as judge and mentor. His columns "Musically Yours" in marathi newspaper 'Loksatta' are also very popular. His Baalgeete (children songs/poems) are specially popular amongt Marathi people. They include "Aggobai Dhaggobai", "Illu Illu Pillu ga".

His albums include: Ayushavar Bolu Kahi, Naamanjur, Damalelya Babanchi Kahani, Anand Pahat, Sandhiprakash, Majha Manaa etc. Saleel is married to Anjali (daughter of renowned Marathi singer Anuradha Marathe). The couple is blessed with son Shubankar and daughter Ananya. Saleel and Anajli own a Music School in Pune.

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