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Friday, October 22, 2010

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

Mahabharat ? - Hilarious Climax Scene
One of the most hilarious scene in bollywood. The greatness about this scene is it's script and the attention played to the small details to create comedy.In this scene if you observe comedy is created not just with dialouges but also with actions, reactions and gestures. 

Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) and Sudhir (Ravi Vaswani) are two professional photographers trying to start a photo studio. The first real assignment that they get, from the activist magazine Khabardar (literally meaning beware), draws them into the shady world of Bombay real estate. They discover that one of the biggest builders in Bombay, Tarneja, is trying to bribe Municipal Commissioner D'Mello (Satish Shah) into giving him a bridge contract. Meanwhile D'Mello is negotiating with Tarneja's arch rival Ahuja (Om Puri). The contract is finally awarded to a third person. By chance Vinod and Sudhir find out that Tarneja has murdered D'Mello...

Many people don't know that this film is based on real story yet it is so humorous and very much interesting.

Story is similar to political storm of 1980s regarding Bridge collapse. The characters name also matches. Tarneja = Raheja (Builder) shobha = shobha de (Reporter) D'mello = rebello (Commisioner)

Kundan Shah has to be acknowledged for writing this beautiful story with current affairs. Every details of film is outstanding and also dialog's. This is not best comedy film but also best film. Every actor has to be credited for his work. Naseerudin shah, pankaj kapur, om puri and satish kaushk specially.


Ravi Vasvani who enters the play as Dushashan, the way he holds the gada is an example of great direction and script.
Om Puri brings his Punjabi ascent in the play is hilarious.
The entry of Akbar and Shazada Salim in Mahabharat is just out of the world.
Dritharashtra is the only one who holds his character till the end but he also gives up when Akbar enters into the play. He says in anguish.
"This is too much! Ye Akbar kahan se Aaa tapka.
More Dialogues

Thehar paapii! maeN terii zubaaN khiiNch ke luuN!
abe shaant! gadadhaarii bhiim! shaant!
adharmii! paapii! teraa satyaanaash ho!
maene chiir-haran kaa idea drop kar diyaa hai
abe kaun hae be tu?
aankho se agyaan kii paTii utaar ke dekh!
oye dhriterashter ke putar! dropdii ko vaapas kar, vo mere saath jaayegii.
oye! dropdi tere akele kii nahii hae, ham sab shareholder haeN.
kyuuN? oye, chal oye! paalan to kabhii hamne apne baap kii aagyaa kaa nahii kiyaa, tuu chiiz kyaa hai?
oye chup oye, arjun singh!
oye, tere dhanushbaan kii! chal phaR! ye le!
shaant, gadadhaarii bhiim, shaant!
Thehro! Thehro! Thehro! Thehro!
naalayak! adharmii! duraachaari! somethingchaari! bhrashtaachaari[?]. bolo sorry! apne sasur ko nahii jaantaa? maeN huuN draupadi kaa baap
jai ho! jai ho! jai ho!
this is too much. ye akbar kahaaN se aa Tapkaa!
aao jii, aao aao, chalo.

Entry of Salim - Teheriye, Terheriye Abba Huzur Teheriye, Hold it, Thambaa.


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