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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Preachings of Sant Ramdas still relevant to the Modern World

Sant Ramdas - The Guru of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

1. Keep your mind clear of evil thoughts. Purity of mind is a must.

2. Samyak among Mana, Vani, and Karma (i.e., thoughts, speech, and actions should be synchronized with  each other)

3. There is God in efforts.  Keep trying. Don’t idle or depend upon others to do the job. Just like thirst cannot be quenched without drinking water, you cannot achieve Moksha without efforts
4. Perform your duties toward the samaj (community) with honesty. Be socially responsible.

5. Run your household in a well-organized manner.

6. Be sensitive to the welfare of people in your surroundings.

7. Be vigilant of evil people and be harsh with them.

8. Be vigilant about your own behavior.

9. Stay away from ego (ahamkar).

10. Become a role model for people following you.

11. Be proud and feel good about yourself and your heritage.

12. Make sure there is a purpose behind your actions.

13. Develop a strong mind and strong body. Be very careful about your sharirik (physical) health.

14. Ask God for happiness for the world and peace of mind & nirmal mati (intellect) for yourself.

15. Don’t get caught up in Maya for your personal gratification. Rather, use your resources for helping others – your family and samaj.

Practicing these teachings helped Shivaji establish the “Hindu Kingdom” and change the psyche of the society. They will continue to help today in bringing forth a meaningful vision and far-reaching societal development.

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