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Monday, March 1, 2010

About My Blog

What ever in my life I desire and that I achieve, is a bonus.

       When we are born we have no idea where we have come as it is a rule of the nature but as we grow up we start realizing about people and things around us and start learning about them. This is a process where we begin liking and disliking things and it goes on as we grow up and continues till the end of the life.

Throughout our lives we are in quest of our dreams. God gives us the gift of success for our hard work and fulfills our dreams, but the biggest gift that God gives us even before we open our eyes are our parents and we realise it as we grow up. 

Another such gift that I got is my Birth place.

India, Maharashtra, Mumbai is where I was born and where today I live. I thank God that he sent me to this place and I feel proud of the place where I live. I would never want to be born anywhere else if there is life after death.

This Land is a birthpalce of great people, culture, places, sportpersons, soldiers, freedom fighters, writers, poets, actors, singers, musicians,  leaders etc... and there numerous immortal work. Learning and absorbing all this gives inspiration to do something yourselves.  Life is already a big gift having got to live with all this around and share the same soil as these people and be a part of its diverse culture.

  I cannot wish to God anything more as I have got the best. What ever in my life I desire and that I achieve, is a bonus.

       This blog is about me, things I love and my motherland and everything related to her which I want to share with everyone.                                                                       

                                                                      Thank You,

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